Privacy Policy


URC Foundation, is a Nonprofit organization with the mission to help India’s Muslims and minorities achieve security, freedom and equality, their rights as citizens of India. URC Foundation is grateful to be the beneficiary of financial support resulting from the generous contribution made by individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations and events. All donations solicited on behalf of the organization shall be used to further this mission and follow the policies and procedures outlined below.

Fundraising Policy

Any individual requesting funds on behalf of URC Foundation will do so in a respectful manner that does not impose any pressure or discomfort on the person or entity being solicited. All third parties not directly affiliated with URC Foundation who wish to solicit funds on behalf of our organization must acquire a permission from the URC Foundation office prior to beginning any fundraising activities.

Fundraising Procedures

URC Foundation plans events to raise funds and to broaden our base of donors and contacts, in addition to bringing greater awareness to our organization’s mission. These events will only go forward if it is clear that the organization will not result in a financial loss. If the individual being asked declines the opportunity to give, the solicitor should respect the decision while also thanking them for their support and continued interest in URC Foundation mission. Upon receipt, all monetary donations shall be forwarded to the accounting department. All monetary donations are recorded and deposited according to accounting procedures. All requests for donors to remain anonymous shall be honored in the donor database as appropriate. All in-kind gifts that are accepted by URC Foundation shall be recorded and acknowledged according to development and accounting procedures. When a donor makes a pledge it will be recorded in accounting software noting the pledge amount, date, payment schedule, and purpose. A thank you note will be sent initially and a periodically reminder notice will be mailed to the donor. If the pledge is still outstanding and not fulfilled and the payment still does not occur within 3 years the pledge will be written off.

Donor Privacy Policy

Any information supplied to URC Foundation, by donors will be used solely to fulfill their donation and shall not be shared for any reason unless permission is granted by the donor to share such information. All requests to remain anonymous shall be honored. URC Foundation does not sell or share donor lists. Donors who supply our organization with their postal address or email address, phone number may be contacted periodically for solicitation purposes and/or with information regarding upcoming events or to inform donors of new programs and services. Donors may request to be permanently removed from URC Foundation mailing list by contacting us via email, phone or postal mail. All requests to be removed from our organization’s mailing list shall be honored. Donors who provide URC Foundation with their telephone number shall be contacted by telephone regarding donations they have made. URC Foundation shall provide a clear, prominent and easily accessible privacy policy on its website.